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Dr. Donna's Books


Pause for Wellness™ with these #1 best selling books featuring wellness wisdom from Donna L. Hamilton, MD.  Treat yourself!


Wellness Your Way: The Short and Sweet Guide to Creating Your Custom Guide to a Happier, Healthier Life


Becoming healthier starts with clear intentions and consistent habits. Wellness Your Way will guide you in your journey to better well-being. Practical and easy to understand, this book offers information and guided journal exercises to assist you with identifying the most appropriate path for your journey to better wellness


#1 Best Selling Books featuring chapters from Dr. Donna™

Wisdom of Midlife Women 2

Three time best-selling publisher Linda Joy brings you a sacred collection of stories from thirty remarkable women who found the courage to change things up midlife and blaze a new trail to authentic living. In The Wisdom of Midlife Women 2, each author openly shares her intimate story of midlife transformation and the lessons learned along the way to inspire women on the midlife path of self-discovery and remind them of their own sacred wisdom.

Staying true to Inspired Living Publishing’s Authentic Storytelling™ model each story is followed by insightful journal prompts to guide you deeper into your own truth and wisdom.


Voices of Inspiration, volume 3

In Voices of Inspiration, you will learn real-life strategies and solutions for living YOUR BEST LIFE. The authors in this book includes a diverse group of 26 experts and leaders who represent five countries: Spain, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and the United States.


Each chapter is written from the space of possibilities. Some authors share real life epiphanies and wisdom from their own personal struggles and valley experiences. Others empower you with action-oriented solutions for transforming your life. This is a POWERFUL Book for you, your family and colleagues. You will be inspired.



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